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Green up your clean up

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I’ve long been worried about the baddies in my cleaning products and have bought ‘green’ for years.  Yet it’s so easy to make your own products, as well as being cheaper.   I know alot of us want to reduce toxins in this way and it’s all the buzz in magazines and online but in reality it seemed overwhelming to me – where to start?  Also – is this hippie ‘cleaning with vinegar’ method really going to work and kill germs?  So finally I made a start on what I’d been wanting to do for ages:  my method was to attack it one thing at a time rather than being daunted by the prospect of revamping everything at once.

Step one: go to Bin Inn (or bulk store) and buy stuff –
washing soda – 1kg
borax – 1kg
baking soda – 500g
bars of sunlight soap
vinegar – 1 lt

Step two: make something. The thing we probably use the most of is laundry detergent so this is a good place to start. Here’s a powdered and a liquid option. I prefer the liquid because I often use a cold water wash and having the detergent pre-dissolved (liquid) seems to work better.

Step three:

Feel smug that when you clean you’re not putting toxins down the drain and against your skin. Plus saving money, even if it did take three hours. The next time you make it will be quicker I promise.


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