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Quick and simple garden structures – archway and garden protectors made from tubing

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To make this archway and/or garden bed protector for free you need old building material or be prepared to scavenge at a build site.  I’ve been waiting to plant my climbing rose for ages but hadn’t worked out what to climb it over.  None of our trees are big enough to have something climb up them and hubby’s aversion to a garden arch means building one is far down the list.   I saw one on the internet which made me glad there are people who can think outside the square when it comes to making things.  Stick two bits of reinforcing rod in the ground and stick the tubing onto each end to make an arch.  How simple is that!  Use the same method to protect garden beds.strawberries

Get – 

  • two pieces of reinforcing rod or similar.  Size doesn’t matter too much – at least 400 mm (drive half of it into the ground) and not taller than your shoulder in order to hammer it in.  Check the rods will fit inside the piece of tubing first.
  • a piece of tubing at least 4m in length – we had electrical conduit left over from our house build.

Make –

  • Plant your climber first if you have that option.
  • Drive the two rods into the ground at the base of the potential arch.

– If the arch will be over a pathway make sure they rods are back a bit from the edge of the path to allow space for the plant to grow.

– When driving them in the ends may splay a bit so make sure they are small enough to fit inside the tube to start with.  You could always file the splayed bit off if this does happen.

  • Fit the tube over the two ends and there you have an instant arch.

Use –

  • Depending on the climber you might need to assist it’s upwards growth by coaxing it up and tying it loosely to the arch as it grows.  For a heavy climber you might need two arches side by side to take the weight.
  • Just stick one end onto a rod and you have a Wind Wand to get your neighbours worried about what garden art will be next.
  • Use the same scenario to protect garden beds from birds and energetic puppies – I used three pieces of tubing over my two strawberry bath beds and covered the whole lot in bird netting (ex vineyard).

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