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Gin & Tonic Sorbet

It’s not often we need to cook something fancy so when we had to make dessert for a degustation meal recently it needed a bit of research and practice.  The gin and tonic sorbet tasted just as it sounds and was a great finish after four other meals.  The egg white means it’s not icy like sorbet can be and the gin adds a definite flavour without being boozy.  Plus it was relatively easy to make and didn’t need too much prep time to serve (a bonus at the end of a long night eating and drinking).  Just allow enough time to chill and freeze it.g&t2

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Hukelkulter garden beds

bean poles

climbing bean poles

I’ve been in full swing making new garden beds.  I’ve used bricks for alot of them and even made a wall with bricks that doubled as a bed.  I read about hukelkulter where logs are used as the foundation for a bed with soil on top.   (Roughly translated it means mound culture in German).  As the logs break down over the years they generate heat and nutrients and also water they’ve absorbed (apparently the bed won’t need watering after it’s first year of getting established).  We have heavy clay soil so I was planning on digging down and building up the bed anyway so decided to give it a try.  If you’re wanting a quick way to make a new bed this isn’t necessarily your best option but once done shouldn’t require much maintenance.   Continue reading