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Combatting flies without spray

This summer seems to have been the worst one for flies – everything from big blowies to those annoying ones that hang out in the middle of the room.  I don’t like to spray too much (although we have been resorting to it) – toxins for us to breathe in and settle on the surfaces which need wiping down and now we have a puppy who likes to eat them.  Flies killed with poison can’t be good for him. I’ve tried various methods over the years and am currently trying a couple of products (no I’m not being paid for advertising!) Continue reading


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Making chicken and dog treats


I sometimes think the animals we have eat better than we do – certainly before we do.  Here’s a couple of chicken and puppy treats I’ve made lately. Although it does sound like they’re spoilt – all these were made with things destined to be thrown away or composted and it was probably quicker to make them than write about them! Continue reading