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Summer salad

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Summer is nearly over but I wanted to capture our favourite salad – tasty tomatoes, sweet corn and watermelon with no need of a heavy dressing or sauce.  As with most of my salads the outcome varies according to what’s in the garden but it relies on those core ingredients (the tomatoes especially) being full of flavour.

simple salad

Summer salad with lasagne

INGREDIENTS (2 people)

  • 1 corn cob
  • 2 large firm or a dozen cherry tomatoes
  • a wedge of watermelon (about 3/4 cup)
  • red onion (about 1/8th or 2Tb chopped)
  • fresh herbs (parsley or mint – a small handful picked – 2TB once chopped)


Cook the corn cob – either in boiling water or the microwave. A beautiful fresh cob could be eaten nearly raw so cooking depends on what you have. If microwaving leave the husk on and cook on high for about 6 minutes. In boiling water it will take a similar time – either way the kernels will be golden yellow and plump when done.

While cooking the corn cob prepare the rest –

  • Roughly dice the watermelon and tomatoes not too small ie  1 – 1.5cm sized pieces.
  • Finely dice the red onion.
  • Roughly cut the herb of choice.
  • Prepare any other additions (see below for some ideas).

If microwaving leave the corn cob to cool  for a bit before using a teatowel to pull back the husk and hold them while cutting the shank and husks off (the cob will still be hot).  Cut the kernels off the cob – it can be quite rustic with chunks of kernels rather than them needing to be individual.  Alternatively just hold the husks out of the way while cutting off the kernels.

Mix the corn kernels with the rest and leave to sit so the juice of the tomato and watermelon combines with it all while making the rest of the meal.


Add diced feta, fresh peas, a little chilli or cubed cucumber to your liking.


  • The salad is quick and easy so ideally the rest of the meal is easily made – fish fillet battered or pan fried, schnitzel or a steak. Add some potatoes (boiled or as chips).
  • Add cooked red lentils for a vegetarian meal or just to add protein and make it more substantial.

Summer salad with red lentils

  • Roast some potatoes, add whole cherry tomatoes to the roasting pan 15 minutes towards the end. Make the salad with rocket, mizuna, corn and watermelon.  Cook a soft boiled egg per person – it makes the simplest (and if organic and free range) tastiest dressing.  For this meal below we added a pan fried home caught snapper but it could easily be  a meal in itself without the fish.

Simple salad with roast potatoes, tomatoes & perfect soft boiled egg








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