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Moulting chickens

Finally I’ve had to conceed that the chickens are moulting and there’s nothing I can do to get them laying again except wait for spring.  Here’s the change in our Butter over the last two years.  Her appearance, especially her feathers had me starting to think she was unwell –

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Growing Burgundy and other mushrooms

burgundy mushroom

burgundy mushroom

This should be titled “A summary of my attempts to grow mushrooms (mostly unsuccessfully)”

I love growing things and also love the idea of foraging for our own mushrooms but wouldn’t trust myself to know edible from the poisionous ones.  A compromise is to buy spawn and get it going in the ideal conditions outside so I can pick some knowing they’re safe to eat.  I’ll start with my most successful outside mushroom growing attempt and yes, this post is only going to be of interest to like minded hardcore mushroom growing folk, skip to the photos everyone else  – Continue reading