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Spaghetti squash


Cooked spaghetti squash

I love to grow things.  And being a practical person I love to grow things with a purpose (food mainly) so I’m always reading about and trying to grow unusual plants and like to think I’m up with the play.  So I was a little bit surprised to find that spaghetti squash is something I should know about but had never eaten – this is probably due to my lack of enthusiasm for squash.  However ‘spaghetti’ really does mean it’s like spaghetti and after hearing people talk about it I was intrigued.  Too late to grow it but I did see it for sale now so decided to give it a try.  It was organic and grown here so a bonus. Continue reading


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And now we have a broody chicken

bantam eggs

bantam eggs

It’s been a slow 2016 egg wise for us.  Our three big girls have spent most of the year moulting (read about it here) and not laying. Fortunately our two new bantams started and we had about a month of small but perfect eggs.  Unexpectedly little Annie went broody.   Oh no – we’ve been there before (and ended up with our hen hatching a duck)……. Continue reading

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Growing yams



It feels like nothing much has been happening in the veggie garden. Most of the plants are finished and the cabbages and cauliflowers will be a while away from harvesting (if at all if the caterpillars and slugs have anything to do with it).  I’ve had a few plants in the ground for months – kumara, yams and yacon and now the yams are finally ready (just).   Continue reading