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Lambs + daffodils = spring



It seems like it’s been a long wet winter.  The ground is soaked, the plants are tilting in the wind and wet and I struggle to find enthusiasm.  We’ve had a couple of warm days but I didn’t want to put away the thermals yet.  Then there’s been a couple of hopeful signs spring is on the way – lambs and daffodils.   All around us lambs have been literally springing up.  Here’s a few shots below of our neighbours’ eclectic bunch of mums and babies born several weeks ago now. Continue reading


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Make your own museli


I find most breakfast cereals too sweet or too plain which is why I started making my own.  It’s also cheaper to make it yourself – you just need to plan ahead so you don’t run out.  I usually make it at night when I have something else in the oven or do some baking to make use of the oven being on.  Most museli recipes seem to have loads of nuts and seeds but nuts are especially expensive so it can be costly to make.  Mine is bulked out with rolled oats – making it more like a dry porridge with added extras.   Store bought museli (and recipes for it) also contain oil, and often alot of it, which toasts the museli.  I don’t add any oil instead I use the liquid below.

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