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Lambs + daffodils = spring

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It seems like it’s been a long wet winter.  The ground is soaked, the plants are tilting in the wind and wet and I struggle to find enthusiasm.  We’ve had a couple of warm days but I didn’t want to put away the thermals yet.  Then there’s been a couple of hopeful signs spring is on the way – lambs and daffodils.   All around us lambs have been literally springing up.  Here’s a few shots below of our neighbours’ eclectic bunch of mums and babies born several weeks ago now.

We weren’t even sure if our two girls were pregnant since they’re only a year old themselves and still quite small. But finally today – a lamb, and signs that our other ewe will follow shortly.   Maybe they’re quite smart and have waited until the weather warmed up before giving birth.

our ewe and lamb

how cute is a newborn lamb!

Meanwhile our bulbs have started flowering.  In protected suburban sites they’ve been flowering for weeks now but our exposed wind blown block is a bit behind. I’m excited to see the daffodils starting to flower – especially because I’ve been buying and planting bulbs over the last few years.  Some of the places I’ve planted them seem a bit random now (I’m sure I had a plan at the time).

Our hens have also started laying again which is such a relief.  For the best part of this year we’ve had very little eggs from our flock.  I tried to be pragmatic about their non egg laying egg ways back in May here  but it got to the point where I decided head hen Dot wasn’t laying at all and we should try and be slightly farmy and cull the non layers. So Dot was dispatched last month thanks to help from the brother in law and nephew (due to the hands involved in neck cutting, feather and organ removal there are no postable photos.  Needless to say it’s just as you would imagine).  Whether due to relief from removal of the tyrant, fear of a similar fate or just coincidence – the rest started laying again within a few days.  It really must be spring.




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