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Life with chickens

Chino & the chickens

Chino & the chickens

After three years of owning chickens I’d love to say they’re an easy way to keep us in eggs.  While not totally the case I’d still recommend them.  The initial months are spent nervously hovering and checking on them and egg production isn’t consistent but they’re pretty easy to keep really and good fun.

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Seeds from the garden

The veggie garden looks dry and raggedy at this time of the year.  Well, apart from this week when we’ve had much needed rain.  So now it’s looking wet and raggedy.

happy bee

happy bee

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Boysenberry glut



boysenberry goodness

My boysenberry Brulee plants have been in the ground since late 2014 and finally I’ve got some to eat.  Last year I only had a few tasty fruit, then I battled with caterpillars stripping the leaves so it wasn’t a great season.  This year I’ve had a bumper crop.  Apart from loads of kale and maybe a few days where I had more strawberries than we could eat, this is my first real ‘glut’ so it’s quite exciting. Continue reading