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Making butter

home made butter

I recently saw a post about making butter by shaking up cream in a jar. It made me wonder – if I used my tupperware cream whipper and just kept shaking it – would it turn to butter after the heavy cream stage (as I often fear)?   Continue reading


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Getting myself organised – monthly goal setting

my kitchen efforts

We’ve been living on our block for a couple of years and I constantly have aspirations of being farm wifey and using my homegrown produce to make pickles, chutneys, jellies etc. I’ve made a few things recently however my red onion chutney was too sweet, the trial jar of mint jelly set (miracle!) but isn’t minty enough and my pickled beetroot isn’t ready to taste yet so I haven’t got any fool proof recipes to write about.  Instead this post is about how to be organised month by month and try and achieve all (well, some) of the things I’d like to.  Setting monthly goals is something I tried several years ago which turned out to be really helpful.  It wasn’t my idea and I can’t remember what the source was but the upshot was: make a list of all the things you’ve been wanting to try and allocate each one to a month.   Continue reading