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Kale chips – I’m not sure it’s a thing

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Hearty kale chips

‘Kale chips’ – who hasn’t heard about them.  I guess the assumption is that kale, being a superfood, would be even more super as a chip.  I cringed and laughed at the idea but finally gave it a go. We’ve had alot of kale over winter. Sometimes it felt like it was the only thing growing.  If the leaves are small and tender they’re ok sliced into a salad but otherwise they’re better cooked. I use it in stew like dishes where it gets cooked until it’s unrecognisable but I assume the goodness is still in the meal. So I was keen to try this kale chip idea as another way to eat it.  Yes it works, it’s easy and is tasty so if you’ve got loads of kale give it a try.  I say this reluctantly because I hate a band wagon and it’s still not for everyone.  And they’re not ‘chips’ as in oven chips – more like crispy kale garnish. If you really can’t do kale chips then use this same quick method to make a ‘crumble’. Like black pepper or kelp the kale crumble can be sprinkled onto a meal to add a bit of tasty kale goodness.


Ingredients for kale chips or crumble:

  • KALE! I prefer cavalo nero for these – 2 or 3 small leaves per person.
  • Olive oil chips only
  • Chilli (optional)
  • Salt flakes

Make kale chips or crumble:

  • Take the stalk out of the leaves and cut them in half if they’re quite big.
  • Put the cut leaves in a bowl and massage through a little oil (don’t add any oil if you’re making it into a crumb as you want it as dry as possible).  Add a sprinkle of chilli if you like some spice and some salt.
  • Place on an oven tray as separated from each other as you can.
  • Bake at 200 degrees C for 10 minutes.  Check them after five minutes to make sure they’re not sticking. They may need longer depending on your oven and if it’s loaded up with something else at a lower heat.
  • Serve and eat the chips.

Make kale crumble:

I have to admit the kale chips are an acquired taste. A couple of leaves per person is ample – not as many as I have in my photos above from my kale chip trials.  You would really only make them if you’ve got the oven on for something else.  They do add an interesting crunch and kale is super healthy (again, ‘supposedly’) and as it grows so easily I really wanted to find an easy way to eat it.  After talking with Aunty Rose about the kale sprinkle she uses I decided to take the kale chip concept a step further and turn it into a crumble.

  • Turn off the oven once cooked and leave the kale chips in there to fully dry out.  Once dry use your hands to crumble the leaves up as small as you like.  You can also use a processor – the longer you whizz the leaves the finer a crumb you’ll end up with.  Store in an air tight container.

Use kale crumble:

  • Sprinkle the kale crumble/powder over a meal as you would black pepper or fancy sea salt mixes.
  • Add it into stews or soups instead of cooking down fresh leaves.

It does still taste like kale so good luck trying to sneak it onto the dishes of unsuspecting family members.


Prepare the kale leaves by folding each in half and slicing out the centre stalk – cut the whole piece out so it also cuts the leaf in half.  Or make a stack of similarly sized pieces bottom side up and slice the stalks out of several at once. Slice again into quarters. Large leaves may need slicing through again.


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