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Hey – I’m Sarah.  Thanks for coming to my blog.Sarah

Hubby and I live on a few acres in the Hibiscus Coast where I attempt to grow anything that can be grown. In 2015 I’ve spent a good part of the year attempting to grow oyster mushrooms hence the posts on mushroom growing and recipes.   I got to a point where I was able to take them to our local markets.  Success!!  However, several months later production hadn’t got past the break even stage and it was taking up alot of time.

I’m now indulging in my other passions and blogging about that – chickens, our lifestyle block and making natural products to use around the home.   I read alot of posts and think ‘that sounds great – I’ll make that’ but they don’t always work.  So I hope you find the things I’ve crash tested and written about useful.

Meanwhile my garden grows and grows and grows. I feel like I’ve spent most of my life growing edibles so I’m disappointed to say it’s not always successful – so there’s blogs about the good (more) and bad (less) of that too.

Life on the block is always changing and you can see the business side of Sarah’s Own Natural Garden at I’m creating kits so you can make things yourself but you can still read my blogs there



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Great Sarah, I was only just admiring your photos of your garden and feeling envious the other day, so will be interested in reading your blogs.
    Any great ideas about weed control??
    My large veggie gardens are wearing me down work wise with weeds!!
    My next adventure is getting worms for dads worm farm and starting that up again!!

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    • thanks Claire. I only put out the photos of the garden looking good though
      mulch! I think it’s the only way (apart from spraying which isn’t ideal in the veggie garden). I use straw and pine needles around the strawberries and grow stuff probably closer together than recommended to minimise the bare space available. I’m also a bit relaxed about weeds – if they aren’t too invasive I tend to leave them. We have a big problem with kikuyu but having semi-raised beds seems to help with that.
      Go the worm farm!!


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